17th Tokyo Yumemai Marathon Festival (Tokyo Nombiri Maranic)
9th Tokyo Yumemai Pottering Festival (Tokyo Nombiri Cycling)

Why not participate in the “Tokyo Yumemai Marathon and Tokyo Yumemai Pottering” event? Anyone who loves running and cycling can join the maranic on foot or by bicycle and enjoy the streets of Tokyo through a leisurely stroll! Disabled persons are welcome. This year, we are particularly interested in sharing the joy of running and exploring Tokyo with other Tokyoites cheering on the sidewalks.

1. Date and time: Sunday, 9 October 2016, 9am
2. Place: Tokyo Rinkai Koiki Bosai Park (Start & Finish) at Ariake, Koto-ku
3. Sponsor: Specified Non-profit Corporation Tokyo Yumemai Marathon Executive Committee
4. Events: ​* Marathon (42.195km)
 Run and walk following traffic rules
​​* Pottering (42.195km)
 Move around on a bicycle in a relaxed way on the left-hand side of the road following traffic rules
5. Participants: * Marathon​1, 500 persons (first-come first-served)
​​* Pottering​  500 persons (first-come first-served)
6. Entry fee: 4,000 yen
7. Enterable: Anybody who loves running, cycling.
​​Anybody who can run, walk under self-responsibility.
​​Disabled persons are welcome.
8. Award and record:  ​This is not a race.
No timekeeping.
No award and no record
9. Time limit: Must finish by 5pm at the festival site.
10. Course: Tokyo Rinkai Koiki Bosai Park (start) – Yumenoshima – ​​Sendai Horikawa Park – Banshobashi – Katori Shrine – ​​Tokyo sky Tree – Ooyoko Shinsui Park – Yokozuna Park – ​​Kanda Myoujin – Koishikawa Kourakuen – Kagurazaka – ​​Hanzomon – Hibiya – Nihonbashi – Tsukijima Monjadori – ​​Tokyo Rinkai Koiki Bosai Park (finish)​​